Rack PDU

Key Features

  • Network monitoring test

    Network Monitoring

    The PRO2 hot-swappable network card provides for HTTP(S), SSH, Telnet,SNMP, (S)FTP, SMTP, Syslog, LDAP(S), RS-232 serial, and more.

  • Hotswappable test

    Hot-Swap Network Card

    Network access is ensured when power is lost to the Master unit with backup power provided by the primary link unit.

  • Multilink expansion test

    Star Multi-Linking

    PRO2 provides the ability to link up to four power circuits using one IP address. Primary link provides backup power to network card.

  • Enviromental monitoring

    Temperature/ Humidity Monitoring

    PRO2 Master and Link units each support two external 10' (3m) T/H probes. Receive SNMP-based alerts and email notifications.

  • Input current monitor

    Auto-Flip Current Display

    Easy-to-read LEDs display current per phase to help prevent overloads and simplify three-phase load balancing in high-density cabinets.

  • Pips

    Per-Inlet Power Sensing

    Meets ANSI C12.1 for billing-grade accuracy of Current per phase. PIPS includes voltage, active power, apparent power, power factor, and energy.

  • Branch current monitoring

    Branch Current Monitoring

    PRO2 monitors current at each breaker branch and provides SNMP-based alerts and emails on high usage that risks a tripped circuit.

  • Branch circuit protection

    Branch Circuit Protection

    PRO2 meets the UL and IEC 60950-1 requirement for branch circuit protection through use of UL489 rated magnetic-hydraulic circuit breakers or UL248 fuses.

  • Alternating phase

    Alternating-Phase Outlets

    3-phase power is wired in an alternating fashion per outlet for simplified load balancing, reduced cord lengths, and better airflow.

  • Hdot

    High-Density Outlet Technology

    The highest outlet density available in a network connected PDU. Meets IEC C13 and C19 specifications, plus high native retention and UL94V-0 flame rating.

  • High retention outlets

    High Retention Locking Outlets

    PRO2 receptacles have high retention and are compatible with P-Lock type power cords.

  • High temp

    High Temperature Rating

    This product has been tested and approved for safe and reliable operation in 60°C (140°F) data center environments.

  • Flexible mounting

    Flexible Mounting

    PRO2 includes standard button mounts along with provisions for custom mounting brackets (contact Server Technology for details).

  • Pdu colors

    Color Identification

    Choose from six colors to designate circuits for rack PDUs in the data center. Color options include Blue, Red, Green, White, Yellow, and Black.

  • Cisco dev

    Cisco EnergyWise¹ Compliant

    PRO2 meets the requirements set forth by Cisco Systems, Inc. for its EnergyWise program for monitoring of device energy. EnergyWise is a registered trademark of Cisco Systems, Inc.

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Family and Product Details

  • Family Description
  • Family Specifications
    • Branch Monitoring: Current (A)
    • Branch Overcurrent Protection: 5 kAIC
    • Branch Overcurrent Protection Type: Circuit Breaker: 2-pole
    • Dual Input: No
    • High Retention Outlets: Yes
    • Input Current Display: Auto-Orient
    • Input Monitoring: PIPS
    • Locking Outlets: Yes
    • Max Operating Temperature: 60 °C
    • Fast Movers: No
    • Mounting: 0U Vertical
    • Outlet Monitoring: POPS
    • PDU Platform:
    • Power Pivot Input: No
    • Product Height (inch): 61.0
    • Product Height (mm): 1550
    • Product Max Depth (inch): 3.5
    • Product Max Depth (mm): 89
    • Product Nominal Depth (inch): 3.5
    • Product Nominal Depth (mm): 89
    • Product Width (inch): 1.75
    • Product Width (mm): 45
  • Product Specifications
    • STV-5541C (Smart POPS)
      Download Datasheet
      Input Power Capacity (kW): 5.0
      Input Plug Type: NEMA L6-30P
      Input Current (A): 30
      Input Current Rated (A): 24
      Input Nominal Voltage (V): 208
      Input Phase: 1-Phase (L-L)
      Input Cord Location: Bottom/Front
      Total Outlets: 24
      IEC C13 Count: 18
      IEC C19 Count: 6
    • STV-5541K (Smart POPS)
      Download Datasheet
      Input Power Capacity (kW): 7.3
      Input Plug Type: IEC 230V/32A 2P+PE 6Hr
      Input Current (A): 32
      Input Current Rated (A): 32
      Input Nominal Voltage (V): 230
      Input Phase: 1-Phase (L-N)
      Input Cord Location: Bottom/Front
      Total Outlets: 24
      IEC C13 Count: 18
      IEC C19 Count: 6
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