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How has AI changed data centers?

Posted by Annie Paquette on December 10, 2019

Why will artificial intelligence have a big impact on data centers? This blog from Server Technology talks about the role of AI and intelligent PDUs in today’s operations.


Small Data Center Devices: Big Impact

Posted by Annie Paquette on December 09, 2019

The Quest for the Best At the dawn of the first data center, facilities and IT managers have strived for more productive floor space. Over the last decade, considerable achievements have been realized with the advent of virtualization, multifunction hardware and more innovative energy distribution sources. Today, the trend towards ...


Top 5 Current Business Trends in Artificial Intelligence

Posted by Annie Paquette on December 06, 2019

While very early in the development cycle, artificial intelligence (AI) lives in data centers alongside intelligent PDUs. In this blog, we move beyond the PDU to address the current business trends for AI.


Server Technology Thanks its Customers

Posted by Annie Paquette on November 25, 2019

For Thanksgiving, Server Technology takes a break to offer a simple ‘Thank you’ to all of its customers.


Top Reasons to Use a Smart PDU in Your Data Center

Posted by Annie Paquette on November 18, 2019

It's not easy trying to decide which type of rack PDU to purchase for your data center. In Server Technology's blog, we will focus on the benefits of a Smart power distribution unit and why you should implement it in your data center.


How to Use Smart PDUs for AI Applications

Posted by Annie Paquette on November 12, 2019

While the industry is still getting its arms around AI, one thing is clear: data centers have to be ever more flexible. This article addresses the use of Smart PDUs for AI Applications.


"Alexa, What's the Importance of AI?"

Posted by Annie Paquette on November 07, 2019

To learn more about the role of Intelligent PDUs for artificial intelligence, we turn to Alexa, Amazon’s digital assistant. This blog is a transcript of our interview with Alexa about AI.


Things that go Bump in the Data Center

Posted by Annie Paquette on October 31, 2019

Halloween is a time for ghosts and goblins, but also an opportunity for reflection. In this blog, Server Technology talks about things that are scary for data center professionals.


What is a zombie (comatose) server, and why should I care?

Posted by Annie Paquette on October 28, 2019

Server Technology takes zombie servers very seriously. They are one of the scariest incidents to run across in the data center because they can kill any chances of cost savings. That in itself is enough to make any Halloween spooky...


Everything Needs Power: Solutions Available with Servertech Intelligent PDUs

Posted by Annie Paquette on October 22, 2019

Server Technology knows one thing: everything needs power. In this blog, Servertech talks about the role of intelligent, or smart PDUs, and their role in powering equipment at the edge.